Artwork held in public organisations:

Southern Nevada Museum of fine Art, Las Vegas USA – Decaloge & “Kiss Me”

Cazouls-lès-Béziers – “The Little Prince”

Côte d’Azur Gattières – “Red flamingo”

Town of Overath (Germany) Gut Eichtal Park – “Three ducks flying”

Museum of local history (Heimatmuseum), Cologne (Germany)-“Wednesday Ash”

Voice of Germany (Deutsche Welle), Cologne (Germany)

Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, Bonn (Germany)

Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation, Gummersbach (Germany)

Museum Solingen (Germany)

Palais Palffy Phantasten Museum, Vienna (Austria)

Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas (USA)

Town of Cannes (France)

Townhall of Saint Jeannet (France)

Museum Palais  Palffy, Vienna  (Austria)

Monastery of Dominicain, Nice (France)

Centre  Don Bosco Oldenburg (Germany)

Monastery Saint Lazard, Marseille (France)

Moya Museum, Vienna (Austria)

Town Hall Ramatuelle : Gaulish Rooster

Commune Nice, Escaren, Sculpture: The Little Prince

Commune Nice Saint Jeannet, Sculpture: Thinking Cat Lady